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Former elected officials of the Republican party (now on federal government pensions) think of themselves as owners of the GOP. Lawyers control both parties.


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About Us: Hello I am John Gonce. On August 13, 1962 I began selling real estate at 2165 South Sheridan Blvd. Denver, Colorado.

Immediately, I went to work on a news letter in 1962 on the upcoming election in November. I was 23 years old. John Love headed up the ticket for governor with an incumbent foe of Steve McNichols. I called my news letter Gonce Times. I continue to express my opinion.

I research each candidate and make endorsements.       

In 1964 I endorsed Barry Goldwater and put his sticker on my bumper. My boss, Max Moore, saw it and told me I "should not do that to such a beautiful Cadillac." He was a Democrat.

I decided to be a Realtor after my dad's death at age 14, started college at 15 years old and started the military requirement at 17.(There was a draft and requirement)  While selling real estate I got a bachelors degree at DU,went to law school (never a lawyer and never planned or wanted to be), got a GRI at CU, studied philosophy and political thought overseas paying my own tuition for all. Co-founded a private law school.

In 2010 I  did Gonce Times - goncetimes.com - on line for the first time.

At no time have I received any personal benefit from expressing my opinion, running for public office or contributions I have made to candidates. Normally I do not even get a thanks. I do this because it is difficult to research candidates as a service and hopefully good government. Sometimes when candidates get elected, that I have endorsed or contributed time and money, they do not even respond to letters or phone calls. I do not hold that against them.


 We need less government, more transparency in government, better schools, more individual privacy, be better neighbors, more respectful of all and their property and significantly less law enforcement.


We could stop much of the violations of the law if we taught civil, criminal and domestic law in our public schools. Starting in the 6th grade with civil law (torts), 7th grade criminal law and 8th grade domestic law. (No insult to attorneys) Most Mondays thousands of individuals show up in court accused of violating a law they did not even know was a crime in the USA. They are told that "Ignorance of the law is no defense."   Every child should be proficient in looking up the law before they graduate from high school. It is that simple. Bar associations will not allow it.  They want everyone they can block to be stupid of the law, except their own kids. Their fees run to over $400 per hour. Every person should be able to go to law school with no conditions.

Prisons should have tours, so children can see where they will land if they violate the law. Convicted felons should be able to run for public office and vote, as they are now. They have paid the price for their crime. I endorsed one last year. He did not win. DA's look to see if they can get a conviction, not if they did the crime. That is wrong. 

Elected members of the State House and Senate that want more laws to incarcerate a greater number of people have a lot in common with Uncle Joe Stalin, a totalitarian. Stalin was the ultimate left winger. They are often recipients of donations from private prison owners.

Respectfully submitted.


John Gonce





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